Vania is an immigrant artist originating from Bulgaria, Europe. At a very early age she began to study art in private art studio while she was playing her piano as well. In 1979 at age of 14 she was selected as a top student in the admission competition at the art school “Tcanko Lavrenov”, Plovdiv, Bulgaria and completed her five years study in 1984. Between 1985-1991 during the time of the revolution in Eastern Europe she completed her Master degree at the Academy of Fine Arts in Sofia, Bulgaria specializing in Illustration and design of Books and shortly after that emigrated in Malta and worked there as an illustrator for a magazine . She was the first artist in the family considering that her family included three professional medical doctors.

Vania’s art work have been displayed in many public and private art galleries in Bulgaria, Malta, New York and Canada. Her inspiration is often drawn from her life experience as an immigrant as well from the books she reads. Some of her art works have been inspired by poetry and have an antimilitary impact. She was a full time portrait artist while living in Malta for almost 5 years while rising her two children. Later on when moved to Calgary she dedicated her time on organizing private art programs for children on a part time basis, as well was participating in several exhibits worldwide. Her art work have been drawing the attention of the media and have been published in newspapers as well one of them was published in the international collection art book “1001 reasons to love the Earth”. Vania is very dedicated and loves to spend her time working on art projects with children and to pass her experience as an artist to the young generation. She has been working as a volunteer in her church community designing the picture sign of the Bankview Community Centre as well volunteer her time in Earl Grey and Sunalta School. She designed the Earl Grey School picture for their 100th Anniversary fundraising event.

Vania is the recipient of the prestigious Award of Distinction for Immigrants in Arts and Culture 2015. She really enjoys working with children fostering love towards art and for the last 5 years have been coordinating and organizing private art programs for elementary school aged children at her community including Earl Grey, Sunalta and Elbow Park elementary school. She is amazed to see the children’s creativity , enjoys sharing her art experience and encouraging the young people to develop their imagination and to explore different styles and medias in creating art.